For Clinicians

An integral part of our mission at Connect and Thrive Psychology is to promote the professional and personal wellbeing of therapists.

Ours is a field that is at once rewarding and demanding. While witnessing a person’s growth is a privilege, joining them on this journey often requires that we, too, grow, learn and adapt. For several reasons, mental health care providers do not always have ready access to the resources and emotional space that are needed to support their growth and well-being. To compound this challenge, practitioners who have opted to shift to remote care are often left without the social support that was previously commonplace in group practices.

At Connect and Thrive Psychology, we believe that supporting our team and our broader network of colleagues, is necessary in promoting a sense of collective well-being and in ensuring a high standard of care for our clients. In keeping with this, we offer a range of supports to clinicians at our practice and to other members of the helping profession looking to grow and stay connected. As an example, once a month, our practice welcomes clinicians outside our practice to join our lunch-hour drop-in consultation hour. This allows us, as a community of mental health care practitioners, to regularly benefit from exposure to new learning and ideas and to expand our community of support. Our practice also offers supervision, consultation and training to mental health care learners and professionals looking to build or refine their knowledge and skills in the therapeutic process, as well as resources aimed at promoting self-care and resilience among those in our field.4

Supports and Services Available to Our Network of Colleagues

Clinicians on our team have access to the supports below, in addition to many of the services available to providers outside our practice.

  • Supervision. Individual and group supervision are available for learners on an as needed basis. Supervision may include in-depth session review and feedback.
  • Consultation. Independently licensed providers in need of support regarding a client’s care or a new practice area, are provided with opportunities to consult with a team member on a regular or as needed basis.
  • Drop-in consultation: Offered as a virtual alternative to the impromptu consultations that often occur when working with colleagues in office. Drop-in consultations are accessible to members of our team twice weekly, around the lunch hour.
  • Career and professional mentorship
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Bi-annual team building activities
  • Opportunities to network with care providers outside our practice.
  • Fill your cup: Monthly meetings attended by those interested where we discuss how we, as mental health care providers, can replenish our store of emotional, cognitive and physical energy, so that we can continue to do the work that we do. During these meetings, we aim to increase mindfulness of burnout and to address barriers to self-care. We also engage in group activities thoughtfully selected to “fill the cup” of those in the mental health field.

If you are curious to learn more about our practice and whether it may be a good fit for you, we invite you to visit our Join Our Team page. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected]. We would be happy to speak with you about opportunities to collaborate.

Clinicians in the community have the option to connect with us to access any of the services below. Some of these are offered free of charge, while others are provided as a fee for service. In the latter case, clinicians will be provided with a receipt which may be used to submit a business or medical expense claim.
  • One-on-one consultation. Consultations may be helpful when a provider is struggling to support a client or a group of clients with a common concern or interactional style, or when a provider is interested in expanding their skill set to a new approach. This service is offered on a regular, or on an as needed, basis.
  • In-depth session review and feedback. This service is designed for providers interested in increasing their attunement to moment-to-moment processes that may signal ambivalence, resistance, or ruptures in the client-therapist relationship. This service is offered in three parts, namely, a meeting between the clinician and consultant to discuss goals, a review of a single video session with an existing client that proved challenging or is illustrative of a difficulty the clinician is having, followed by an in-depth feedback session aimed at informing the clinician’s practice and where appropriate, the client’s treatment plan.
  • Drop-in group consultation. Offered as a virtual alternative to the impromptu consultations that often occur when working with colleagues in office. This service is available once monthly to clinicians outside our practice. It is free of charge but requires registration.
  • Training and workshops. Half-day to two-day workshops are offered for mental health training programs and organizations interested in supporting their members in deepening their knowledge or skillset in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT).
  • Individual therapy for clinicians-in-training and registered providers. Our practice provides individual therapy to a number of mental health professionals looking for personal support. Should you be interested in this service, kindly complete our Contact Form (below) and request a session with a specific provider or ask to be put in touch with our clinic founder, Dr. Natalie Michel, directly. She will be sure to connect you with a therapist that is well suited to your needs and goals, and where possible, to one that remains outside your professional network.

If you are interested in learning more about our clinician-oriented services and supports, please don’t hesitate to connect with us by email or by submitting a request through our Contact Form.

Let’s Connect and Grow Together

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