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Angelina Heidebrecht, Bsc



Angelina Heidebrecht is a volunteer at Connect & Thrive Psychology. She works by supporting the practice through research and program development, specifically looking at CBT for insomnia treatment.

Training & Experience

Angelina was recently awarded her Bachelor of Science in the Specialized Honours Psychology program at York University. She has studied and researched a wide range of topics, with a special interest for developmental and health psychology. Angelina hopes to pursue her interests further as a graduate student in Clinical Psychology, where she also aspires to complete a PhD and become a licensed psychologist.

Angelina has a strong research background, having worked as a research assistant on several projects in different research areas including cognitive, behavioral, developmental, and social psychology. She volunteered as a crisis line responder for the Distress Centres of Greater Toronto, and is more recently extending her clinical experience as an on-site volunteer at CAMH.


Angelina emphasizes good time-management, organization, and open communication in her role as a volunteer. She works to remain on task with her volunteer duties while maintaining flexibility and openness for new ideas and projects for supporting the clinic.

About Angelina

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